...Your Serenity is our business

Marietta Pucillo in navasana postureMilwaukee's Historic Third Ward is chocked full of top-notch art galleries, fine restaurants, fashionable boutiques and one-of-a-kind personal services. YamaYoga yoga studio joined their ranks in May of 2005. Located in one of the most unique warehouse buildings in the Ward, YamaYoga offers a wide range of yoga classes seven days a week from beginner's Yoga Basics to Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Power and Hot Yoga for the more seasoned practitioner. We also offer Pilates mat classes and apparatus private sessions by appointment. Throughout the year, YamaYoga hosts informative and innovative yoga workshops and events, including a regular contribution to Milwaukee’s quarterly art crawl, Gallery Night. The yoga studio is turned art gallery for those events featuring The Art of Yoga, works in a variety of mediums by yoga teachers and students.
YamaYoga provides its students with the highest calibre of yoga teachers available in Milwaukee, all certified and knowledgeable within the industry...  We work with your individual experience and needs to help you grow within your personal yoga practice and achieve your individual goals.
YamaYoga's conveniently scheduled yoga and Pilates classes appeal to the busy professionals who work and live in the area. Beginning with early morning classes that energize to a 55 minute Express Yoga class at noon that gets you back on track, and our "wait out the rush hour" evening classes that help you to de-stress after a busy day, YamaYoga can provide a yoga class time and style for any level, age and experience. In addition, we provide ongoing weekend classes, workshops and events.

Why YamaYoga?
Compiled by the Sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, the Eight Limbs of Raja or Royal Yoga are a progressive series of steps to purify the body and mind, ultimately leading the yogi to complete enlightenment. The first, and perhaps most important of these limbs is the Yamas.
The Yamas are five ethical codes of behavior to be practiced in word, thought and deed:

I could not imagine a better set of ideals to strive for when operating a business geared to the enrichment of the body, mind and spirit.