Mondays  & Wednesdays
with Daniel Farmer

7:30 - 8:30pm

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form which takes elements of music, dance,
and self defense and combines them into a game played by two participants.

By learning the moves and sequences of capoeira you develop coordination, balance, strength and self expression.
This fun and energetic class, set to the sounds of Brazil, will push your body to new limits and is sure to be the highlight of your week!


About the Instructor

Daniel Farmer

Capoeira is a truly integrative martial art. It is a martial art, a dance, and a celebration of life and movement. It cultivates skills across the spectrum of human potential: not only flexibility, strength, and balance, but also responsiveness and openness to others, worldliness, and playfulness. It is a joy and an honor to share such a rich art form with my students.

I've been practicing for 14 years, ever since I discovered capoeira while living in France. I've trained with a variety of different groups, I've learned from different masters and teachers of the art, and I've taught off and on for the past ten years or so. Capoeira has made me strong, flexible, and resilient--with the caveat, of course, that there's always further to go on the journey.

My classes are intended for beginners, but there's always something to challenge students at any level. In any given class, we typically work on basic movements (kicks and dodges), movement sequences, and floreios (or 'flourishes'). If class size allows, we also play capoeira in the roda (the equivalent of sparring in other martial arts, or of improvised pair dancing). Capoeira can be delightfully weird if you're new to the art. My class will help make its many movements second nature, for a stronger, healthier, and more balanced life.


$14 Drop-In
$99 10-Pack