Janet Grych

Though I've always been active in dance and movement, my first yoga experience emerged about a decade ago in the conference room of a former employer. The noontime class may have lacked ambiance, but it sparked something that made me want more. And the more I came to learn about and experience yoga, the richer I found the view. I eventually completed my teacher training to deepen my own knowledge and pass on what other teachers had opened for me. Yoga can be so many things--a way to tone, a way to integrate body and mind, a way to turn down the volume on reactivity. However you approach yoga, it's all good. My goal is always to deliver a challenging but refreshing class that brings you back to the breath and helps you to be present. In this challenge to be present, I often think of great advice given to me by a former business colleague: "be where your butt is." For me, yoga is a great tool--on and off the mat--to rediscover time and again what it means to truly be where and who I am.

I love constantly learning about yoga, not just the poses, but the wisdom of yoga.
— Janet Grych

Headshot by Amelia Coffaro Photography 2015