Laura Rooney, PhD, MS, ERYT-500

...years of experience in the health, wellness and fitness industry to lead energetic and engaging classes.
— Laura Rooney

Laura J. Rooney, PhD, MS

Laura is the owner of Deha Mind-Body Fitness and an Associate Clinical Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.  She trains clients privately, leads community classes and educational workshops through the Milwaukee area and nationally.

She combines extensive training in physical health sciences and human behavior with years of experience in the health, fitness and wellness industry to lead engaging and energetic training and education sessions.  Her approach blends tried and true teachings from the ancients with evidence-based base practices in health and medicine to create meaning-filled modern and accessible ways to take ownership of your health. 

Laura is known for her skillful exercise sequencing and programming and ability to translate “heady” technical content and ideas into accessible and relevant bites of information.  Articulately combining knowledge, wit and vivid imagination, she creates verbal pictures and instructions that are clear and easy to follow.

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Headshot by Amelia Coffaro Photography 2015