YamaYoga: Levels and Styles

Alignment Flow with Marietta Pucillo (90 Min.) All Levels

This class focuses on connecting movements with the breath, a strong focus on upper body and a deeper examination of alignment - with modifications for intermediate to advanced practitioners. Students learn to listen within and deepening their connection to the wisdom of their own flow of energy, while combining precision, technique and rhythm with a focused mind. A beautiful way to start the weekend!

Basics with Dave Blessum (90 Min.) and Becky Tesch (60 Min.) All Levels (4-Week Series)

Introduce yourself to the practice of Yoga, you'll be happy you did! Explore the fundamentals and foundations of postures, breathing, meditation and mindfulness. This will allow you the tools you need to discover a style that's right for you, or as you embark upon building your own practice. Questions encouraged!

Pre-registration required for this four-week series beginning the first Monday or Wednesday of every month. If you are unable to attend one of the 4 classes or the series - do not worry. You are welcome to drop into either the Monday or Wednesday night class or wrap around to the upcoming month to make up your missed class.

Deep Strengthening with Marietta Pucillo (75 Min.) Level 2-4

A dynamic and often flowing class to sculpt and tone both the muscles of the body and the mind. Learn to listen to your body and avoid injuries as well as nurture and heal some of life's hardships on the body. This challenging, yet accessible, class will help to detoxify, heal and transform the body as you discover your strength and revitalize your spirit.

Express Yoga with Marietta Pucillo Tues / Fri (60 min.) Level 2-4

This one hour class is an express version of Marietta's Alignment Flow with a slightly softer and gentler side.

Express Yoga with Julie Wagner / Laura Cotton (55 min.) All Levels

Limited time? This class is perfect for you. Stretch and strengthen the body while you calm the mind. Take the time to slow down and focus on breath and body awareness with the intention of letting go of thought and judgement. Bring balance into your day.

Flow with It with Laura Cotton (75 min.) Level 2-3

This is a Vinyasa-inspired practice combining sun salutations and techniques of balance and strength built on the synchronizing of breath work. This practice is set to an assorted combination of soothing, invigorating array of music to match the diverse flow of movement and postures.

Gentle Balance with Ali S. (90 Min.) All Levels

A restorative practice, Gentle Balance begins with a slow, meditative flow which progresses to gentle holding poses, closing with an extended svasana. Working to carefully open and softly strengthen the body, this class harmonizes breath with movement, fluidity with alignment, and energy with calm. You will begin to restore your inner and outer health by centering both mind and body.

Gentle Alignment with Morgan Herum (90 Min.) Level 2

This class will build on the beginner's basics class, incorporating postures to create a balance of strength building and stretching combined with a vinyasa flow allowing the exploration of the fundamentals, foundation and interconnection of postures, breathing and mindfulness. Emphasis will be placed on the internal understanding of yoga postures to help cultivate strength and balance wisely and intelligently. Class will end with a guided meditation/savasana to allow for a peaceful integration of the physical practice.

Hatha: Concentration with Laura Rooney / Ali Modell Level 3

Do you have an established yoga practice and a desire to advance to more complex poses? This class provides greater opportunity to move with awareness, refine your alignment and move deeper into the subtle body and breath. Level 3 classes weave asana with yoga philosophy, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques which complement the poses. Additional emphasis is placed on accessing specific parts of the body to make more complex pose progressions possible. Geared toward individuals who: have prior experience with yoga, are willing to explore fundamental poses with greater levels of nuance, interested in trying advanced variations of all pose types and are interested in deepening their relationship to yoga through dedicated, purposeful practice.

Hatha Energy Alignment with Marty Tribble (90 Min.) All Levels

Hatha refers to a more classical approach to asana (physical posture) practice, including pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and a focus on balance between the active and receptive qualities of the practice. Energy Alignment refers to Marty Tribble's unique approach to asana alignment and energetic awareness through the vayus (five winds). Experience an accessible asana practice rooted in the six movements of the spine, with a focus aligning and liberating movement through the vayus, or natural directions of movement of energy in the body. By consciously participating in what occurs naturally in the body, you will quickly begin to experience stability and ease, accessing an authentic level of deep strength that promotes the resolution of negative energy while recharging the body and mind. Marty Tribble, E-RYT, developed this unique approach to asana practice based on her discoveries during the past 12 years of leadership in the yoga classroom, personal study and lots and lots of practice. By tuning in and observing, she allows her body to do what is does best--guide the way toward healing, balance and true strength. Hatha Energy Alignment is simply a way to share with you what she has quantified in her own quiet, yet powerful, at-home practice. A major benefit to this practice is that it is consistent, allowing the body and mind and grounded, familiar space from which to heal, grown and expand. Each session includes cultivation of awareness, pranayama, asana (floor postures, Marty's signature "happy body flow," sun salutations a + b, standing postures, and savasana), and morsels of wisdom that Marty has gathered along the path of teaching.

Hatha: Expansion with Laura Rooney Level 2

Learn to move with awareness – attending to the posture of the physical body, breath and mind while you practice a wide variety of poses in both flowing and longer holding patterns. Open to experienced beginners and continuing students, this class builds on the fundamental forms of the poses and introduces an expanded syllabus of poses and variations. This class weaves asana with philosophy, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques which complement the poses. Perfect for individuals who: have basic yoga experience, are looking to build upon and expand strength and endurance through a wider array of postures including backbends, fundamental arm balances and inversions and are interested in expanding their relationship with yoga.

Hatha Flow Laura Cotton (75 min.) Levels 2-3

This class is an interdisciplinary practice that caters to the whole person. Moderately paced, it will address in depth study of postures, gross and subtle anatomy and the wisdom that arises out of your own investigation of yoga.

Hatha Happy Hour with Laura Rooney (75 min.) All Levels

This all-level, full-spectrum practice is designed to help you twist, bend, fold and unwind into the weekend. Periods of viniyasa flow, longer held poses and restorative sequences combine with music creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere for practice. Basic yoga poses, with an occasional twist, are skillfully instructed and done well – culminating in a well-deserved savasana (final relaxation).

Hatha Yoga with Ali Modell (90 Min.) Level 2-3

The Sanskrit term Hatha refers to the unification between the solar and lunar aspects of a human being that allow one to maintain overall harmony in one's life. Hatha Yoga is a dynamic practice that uses postures, breathing techniques and mindfulness to cultivate such balance and create a sense of well being.

Healing Through Cancer: Yoga + Mindfullness with Amelia Coffaro (75 Min.) All Levels

A guided experience in meditation, relaxation and body awareness through gentle movement and breath work to awaken mind, body and spirit. Through adaptations of postures, adjustments and modifications are used to meet each individual's needs. Benefits include regaining and maintaining strength and flexibility, managing treatment side effects, coping with stress, increasing mental focus and finding joy and in we peace in your daily living. Class is open to those in active treatment as a complement to traditional medical therapies and for those at any point of recovery. Please visit www.ameliacoffaroyoga.com for more information or email the instructor.

All classes are offered on a drop-in basis with no registration necessary but advanced purchase of a class package is required. Please email the instructor before you attend your first class to answer some preliminary questions.

Hot Vinyasa Flow with Janet Arnold-Grych / Tayna Sizemore / Cindy Davis (75 Min.) Level 3-4

Harness your inner fire by heating up the body and calming the mind with this strong vinyasa flow practice done in a heated room. Using the breath, flow and spirited music, the goal is to find that “golden medium” – the edge unique to each person where strength and openness come together. It’s never about how high you can lift your leg or whether you can complete the bind, but how present you can be as you move through this challenging flow. Feel free to bring your own towel and hydrate well prior to class.

Morning Yoga with Ali Szarzynski (75 Min.) All Levels

A smooth meditative flow class coordinating the mind, body & breath. This rhythmic style strengthens the muscles, tendons & joints while releasing excess tensions & calming the mind. By integrating the subtle & physical systems of the mind & body, this practice promotes overall well-being & produces a heightened state of spiritual awareness. (Please Note: Pre-registration required. Min of 2 people or class will be cancelled.)

PreNatal with Heather Eiden (75 Min.)

Practicing yoga during pregnancy instills physical and emotional well-being as well as a deeper sense of peace and harmony within. We will explore safe poses (asana) designed to strengthen and open your changing body, breathing techniques (pranayama) which calm the mind, and restorative poses that rest and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Prenatal yoga prepares women for the birthing process creating clarity, fearlessness, and a deep connection to your baby. Come and practice with other pregnant women in this supportive community.

Renew & Restore with Brooke Ulrich (75 min.) All Levels

Promoting balance and harmony within, this class incorporates strengthening, yang postures and flow sequences for toning muscles and strengthening bones and joints, deep, Yin stretches for increasing flexibility and elasticity in muscles and connective tissues, and restorative poses to release deeply held tensions and relieve psychological stress.

Calming to the mind, soothing to the senses, this class may include breath control & meditative practices. It always includes a period of full, conscious relaxation. A great class for people recovering from injury, those with specific medical conditions and pre or post natal participants.

Shakti Flow with Ali Szarzynski (90 Min.) Level 2-4

An empowering class geared to challenge students to a new and exciting edge of their practice. We'll move with a sense of lightness and grace, exploring the fluidity of breathe and asana. Set to fun music and geared to connect to our playful spirit, students will flow through a dynamic practice of sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, arm balances and backbends. Join us for a celebration of you, yoga and play.

Slo Flow with Ali Szarzynski (90 Min.) Level 2

A smooth meditative flow class coordinating the mind, body & breath. This rhythmic style strengthens the muscles, tendons & joints while releasing excess tensions & calming the mind. By integrating the subtle & physical systems of the mind & body, this practice promotes overall well-being & produces a heightened state of spiritual awareness.

Stiff Guys Yoga with Marietta Pucillo / Kate Werning (90 Min.) Level 1-3

Ever said you can't do yoga because you are too stiff?  Then this is the class for you...and you don't have to be a guy! This 1 1/2 hour class is a mix of opening and stretching postures combined with breathing techniques that are geared to increase flexibility and energize a perfectly good body that is just in need a regular dose of TLC.

Yin Yoga + Live Music with Marty Tribble & John Arms (90 Min.) All Levels

Yin energetics (calming, introspective, listening, cooling, lunar) are the counterbalance to Yang energetics (activating, external, talking, heating, solar). Yin Yoga practice is very therapeutic for chronic stress, tension, inflammation and pain. Accessible seated, kneeling, or reclined poses are sustained between 2-5 minutes to elongate connective tissue, benefiting the yin tissues such as joints, fascia, bursa, ligaments, and tendons of the body. When yin tissues have too much yang (think overuse), they are often diagnosed with an ‘-itis’ condition, like arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, etc. Yin yoga supports the body’s natural ability to rebalance from an overabundance of yang energy, bringing a sense of calm to the mind and grounding to the body. This class is accompanied by soothing live music with John Arms (gentle guitar, vocals, steel tongue drum).
All levels are welcome, no prior yoga experience is needed for this gentle practice.

Yoga for Wellness with Nicole Moza (90 min.) All Levels

This class is open to ALL people, but is a wonderful class for cancer patients or survivors, people with chronic illness, or those just in need of a more therapeutic yogic approach. Restore and renew energy, relieve stress, and allow the body to relax and release into posture (asana). Gentle, yet invigorating practice with focus on both seated and standing postures, props and mindful breath. Allow the body and mind to feel renewed, improve mind/body connection for healing and increase energy flow. Please consult your Doctor before starting a Yoga practice.