2-hour meters are available along the block and surrounding area, $1.50/hr between  8am-6pm Monday through Friday.
Saturdays are 2-hour free meter parking. No need to pay meter, but cars need to be moved after 2 hours in the same spot.
Sundays is free all day meter parking.

Please give yourself extra time to find parking. The Historic Third Ward is a popular destination
and parking sometimes can be challenging.


You can now pay for street meter parking with MKE PARK, a handy smartphone app.
Learn more here: 

A great way to avoid the parking hassle. Learn more about biking to Yama here.

 Historic Third Ward Parking Vouchers

Yama Yoga now has VIP (Very Important Parking) Specials
VIP Packages & Memberships include two-hour HTW Parking Vouchers that can be used in either of the two convenient Historic Third Ward (HTW) Parking Structures.
VIP Clients (clients that have an active VIP package) can purchase an additional 10 two-hour Parking Vouchers for a discounted price of only $30 (Regular price $40).
VIP HTW Parking Vouchers can be picked up at the front desk within 5 business days of purchase. Parking vouchers expire three years from issue.

Non-VIP package holders can purchase 10 two-hour HTW Parking Vouchers at the regular price of $40 at the desk.


Historic Third Ward Chicago Street Parking Structure



225 E. Chicago Street 
Corner of Water and Chicago
Entrance on Chicago
(1 Block South of Yama -
Yama is in the same location as Oak)

Booth: 414.727.2482

Attendant on Duty:
 M-W: 3 to 5pm
Th: 3 to 10pm
F: 4pm to 1am 
Sa: 5pm to 2am


Historic Third Ward Milwaukee Street Parking Structure



212 N. Milwaukee Street 
Corner of Milwaukee and Chicago
Entrance on Milwaukee

Booth: 414.347.1821

Attendant on Duty:
Monday - Friday:


For more information regarding the Historic Third Parking program
and Parking Options in the Third Ward, please visit: