Ryan Hader

Milwaukee Native, Ryan Hader,  has been transforming lives and promoting the emergence of the authentic self for over a decade nationwide. Through the mediums of sharing interactive Kirtan music experiences, teaching dynamic yoga classes, Thai Yoga Massage and the sharing and teaching of Reiki, Ryan’s mission is to help you discover your greatness! As an energy activist, he is here to keep you from playing small in your life.  Ryan's message is of the practical application of self love for quantum change. He speaks to the science of awakening as well as the spirit and is an educated and grounded teacher, healer, and guide who only speaks from direct experience.

Ryan’s journey has been one of healing and energetic understanding from birth, as he was born to deaf parents. Because of this, the language he was raised on was one of voice projection, facial expression, as well as hand and body gestures with crystal clear annunciation. Being a child of deaf adults, Ryan acquired the skill of reading people to hear them, he listens not only to what they say, but how they say it and has the unique ability to see into the hearts of whomever is near him. This ability has left Ryan with the exact skill set for being an effective and engaging teacher and speaker, as well as being able to effectively guide seekers of all levels to and through life’s obstacles. His guidance consistently results in profound life transformations, healing, and vertical growth in Mind, Body, Relationships and Environment, also known as the 4 dimensions on the Human Experience.

.As a dedicated Yoga Guide, Reiki Master/Teacher, bodyworker, professional musician and Kirtan Wallah. Ryan Hader is an agent of positive change, a celebrator of of the heart who holds a true passion for fierce awakening.
Ryan’s guidance is creating Authentic Living through Personal

My mission is to help you discover your greatness!
— Ryan Hader