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Interoceptive Yoga Series

Kristin Sutter

Kristin Sutter

Throughout the course of our lives circumstances, events and experiences can shock our system and can cause us to lose our capacity to "feel" our own inner body and physical responses. Our day-to-day world can become at the least monochromatic and dull, or at worst, painful.

In this all-levels, four-week series we will practice interoception-using yoga as a tool to build awareness of internal physical sensations, which the mind may typically have a hard time accessing.  Students will be invited to move at their own pace, and there will be no physical assists.

Interoceptive Yoga for Women

August 14-September 4, 2016, 4:30-5:30pm

  • Four-week series; preregistration required
  • Students who self-identify as women are welcome
  • 60-minute class
  • No physical assists

Four class series - $60