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Unsticking Stuck Spots

 Unsticking Stuck Spots

Finding Mobility Where It's Needed

with Ali Szarzynski

March 12 1:30-3:30pm

We have what I call "no man's lands" areas where accessing movement or engagement are incredibly difficult. This workshop will focus on mobilizing the middle back or Thoracic spine. This will free tightness in shoulder girdle, neck, and low back. It will also make twisting and back bending easeful and fun! Appropriate for all levels.


Price: $35 In Advance, $40 Day Of

About Sean:

Sean Haleen (500-ERYT) is a celebrated Hatha yoga teacher and practitioner. Sean has practiced and studied yoga asana and philosophy since he was just a child. He began teaching in 2007 and since then has taught over 10,000 hours of trainings, workshops, and classes. Sean, now residing in San Francisco, is associate teacher training director of Yoga Tree’s teacher training program and has taught in their 200 and 500HR trainings since 2012.

Sean’s classes are noted for their humor, depth, and precision. Focusing on alignment, students wishing to learn about their bodies and the different concepts of yoga philosophy in detail will enjoy his public classes, workshops, and trainings.

Sean has taught yoga to a variety of people including high schoolers, homeless groups, recovering drug addicts, and queer youth. He deeply enjoys using his teaching for good causes and has taught at numerous benefits and fundraiser

Sean’s teachers have deeply influenced not only his yoga instructing but also his life. He offers deep gratitude with each class to his main teachers, Katchie Ananda, Jack Kornfield, Christine Price Clark, Kenny Graham, Brent Kuecker, Desiree Rumbaugh, Paige Faraci, and most recently Iyengar teacher Brian Hogencamp and San Francisco legend, Betty Roi.