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Yoga for Spiritual Resilience


Yoga for Spiritual Resilience

with Marya Bradley

Sunday, March 10, 2019


 At a time of unprecedented devastation of and menace to the fabric of life--to Nature itself--- and a time of widespread displacement and suffering of many people and species...

 how can our practice of yoga help us meet the deep call to us to respond? -- help us live from the truth of our heart and the prompting of our spirit, so we may offer some portion of the healing needed?

This workshop is an exploration of how we may deepen our practice of yoga so it serves us as a source of courage, insight and spiritual resilience

It is an exploration of how we may practice to come into deeper contact with the truth of our present embodied experience.  It is an invitation to us to cultivate more consciously our connection with the sources of our life, strength and light of understanding?

Drawing on her study of and practice in the Kundalini tantra, hatha  and shamanic yoga traditions as well as her training and work in craniosacral biodynamics, Marya will guide participants in the practice of select asana,  forms of engaging breath and awareness,  and various approaches to engaging subtle energies and the subtle body. 

The practice is appropriate to those who have some prior experience of yoga and who have a sincere interest in deepening their practice of yoga and recognize the challenges and the call of the time in which we live.

 Cost: $35