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Spring Equinox Yoga Nidra Workshop with Morgan Herum

  • Yama Yoga 231 East Buffalo Street Milwaukee, WI, 53202 United States (map)

Spring Equinox Yoga Nidra Workshop
with Morgan Herum


Friday, March 18th
7 - 8:30pm


The Spring Equinox is a time of balance between light and dark hours of the day. Times of darkness are times to dream up intentions, and times of light are the times in which we work to manifest these intentions into reality. Spring is a time of planting seeds, metaphorical and literal, and of nourishing the soil for these seeds to grow. This equinox yoga nidra practice will provide the opportunity to ceremoniously plant your intention seed and gather and focus your conscious and subconscious powers to nourish this intention seed into its maturity.

Yoga nidra is a practice of yogic sleep, in which the practitioner reaches the deepest state of relaxation while maintaining a fully lucid consciousness. Yoga nidra is a great practice to  develop a deeper relationship with your Self, while cleansing the body and mind of tension, anxiety, and any associated physical symptoms, including headaches, neck tension, and digestion disruptions. Yoga nidra, when practiced regularly, has proven in various studies to be healing for those surviving insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain. Also, it has been stated that one hour of yoga nidra is equivalent to four hours of normal sleep!

You will be first guided through a pranayama practice to center and ground yourself and then a yoga nidra practice that will journey between an awakened state and a deep sleep of the body. Expect to feel totally relaxed and free from all external situations, circumstances, etc.

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