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Yama is honored to work with some of Milwaukee's leading wellness practitioners that provide massage, reiki, thai massage and more right at Yama. 

Somatic Arts

so·mat·ic – (adj.) of or relating to the body.

art – (noun) the expression or application of human creative skill.

Cassie Eli Newlin

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We are all artists in various ways. One art form that I resonate with is the art of massage therapy. Client and practitioner co-create healing through the practitioner’s application of pressure and strokes and the subtle communication of what needs tending to with the movement of the muscle tissue and fascia. An interesting dialogue happens between you and I as the muscles loosen their grip on your body and the armoring drops with touch. We share the experience of tuning in and seeing how tension changes with touch.

I graduated from the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in 2017 as a licensed massage therapist to provide the experience of this art form. I have since been cupping certified through the International Cupping Therapy Association. Aside from massage, I have been self-studying sound therapy, aromatherapy and Vipassana mediation as other modes of relaxation. I also am in the Yoga Teacher Training program at Yama Yoga, deepening my understanding of the mind-body link through this experience.


My weekly availability is Monday and Thursday 9 am- 8 pm and Friday 9 am- 4 pm. To schedule, email, call or text (414) 491-5158, or schedule through the Mindbody at

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